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Justine offers both in-person and remote private therapeutic assessments and customized Gentle Yoga Therapy recovery plans. Whether you are suffering from an injury, health setback, chronic or acute issue, Justine will collaborate with you to create a yoga program that is specific to you and your lifestyle.

Are you a Candidate for Yoga Therapy?

  • Do you think your body just can’t do yoga?
  • Are you Injured or are recuperating from an Injury?
  • Do you have nagging pains in your joints or back?
  • Do you find it hard to do some yoga poses?

Therapeutic Assessment

In a private session, Justine will work with you one-on-one and assess your physical and structural issues. She will assist you in modifying and adapting common yoga postures to support, strengthen and help heal your unique & beautiful body.

Private In-person Session

Prior to your face-to-face meeting, Justine will review the answers to your Therapeutic Yoga Questionnaire. She will perform a physical assessment of your structural issues and provide specific modifications and adjustments to yoga poses to keep you safe from injury. She will provide a “Home Practice” created specifically for your issues based on her assessment of your injury/condition.

Remote and/or Skype Session

With today’s technology, the ability for Justine to remotely work with individuals is made possible via Skype, home videos, questionnaires and phone calls. She continues to expand this side of her Yoga Therapy practice based on her unique abilities to listen, diagnose and adapt yoga to the needs of each person she works with.

Personalized Gentle Yoga Therapy

 “Home Practice” Video Sequences

Through Justine’s partnership with Yoga Journey Productions, a video production company who specializes in Gentle, Senior, Chair and Therapeutic Yoga DVDs, she offers a personalized “Home Practice Yoga Therapy DVD” that provides sequences, adaptions and precautions based on a student’s unique physical and emotional conditions.